2016   MFA, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

2014   M.Phil, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME

2012   BFA, New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH


2014   Upwellings, Blum Gallery, Bar Harbor, ME

2012  Form + Space, 545 & Co., Bar Harbor ME


2016    PLATFORM PROJECTS/WALKS, Portland, Maine

2016    MFA Thesis Exhibition, Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland Maine

2015    Driven to Abstraction, Umbrella Community Arts Center, Concord, MA

2012    Downtown December, Bar Harbor, ME

2012   Annual Exhibition, NHIA, Manchester, NH

2012   10th Annual Minumental, Amherst Street Gallery, Manchester, NH

2011   Éxposition d'Année, Atelier Marchutz, Aix-en-Provence, France

2010   8th Annual Minumental, Amherst Street Gallery, Manchester, NH


2015  Albert K. Murray Fine Arts Educational Fund Recipient

2014  Dean’s Scholarship, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

2014  MFA Grant, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

2012 - 2013  Graduate Fellowship, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME


2016 - Present  Adjunct Faculty, Maine College of Art

2015  Instructor, Maine College of Art Continuing Studies


"Maisie Broome: Ingenious Caretaker". The Chart. Ashley Burskey and Jenna Crowder, eds. Vol. 1, No. 1, September 2015.


Printmaking, singing, and working with glass are timeworn practices. Historically, these methods served to share knowledge of one’s culture and history. Through prints, songs, and stained glass, I fuse together folktale narratives and phenomenological theories of perception. In my work, the symbolical values of folk tales serve as recognizable cairns within the landscape of phenomenology.

Layering often transparent materials and textures in both audio and visual work, I strive for a consistent sense of enveloping light and air. Activating multiple sensations plants the viewer firmly within the context of the phenomenology of perception.

In German, the word for story and the word for history are the same: Geschichte. This blurring between the real and the less real is the impetus for my work. My projects are keyholes between these two realms. I build either pavilions within pavilions, or in order to invert space all together.

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